About Me

My name is Petina , im 24 years old and im from Portugal but im currently living in Bristol,Uk with my husband.

I took my degree in the University of Aveiro in languages , literatures and cultures and to be honest since i was in high school that my dream job was being a tour guide so i am !
I love to go shopping , go for a walk with my boyfriend / family, travel, read, decorate,going to the movies,watch tv shows and believe me i could do this 24/7 .
I love fashion and i must say that im addicted to dresses and bows, i never forget my camera and sometimes im really good in the kitchen .
Im a talker,im sensitive and i always give the best of me to everything and everyone,i don't like to be mistreated and i won't admit it naturally on this blog, sometimes im a pain in the ass, a shopaholic and hopeless romantic .
Besides this blog i also have a youtube channel so make sure you go there and subscribe it if you enjoy it.