Pretty in pink

Hello lovelies ,
Today im going to do two posts one about my birthday and another one about Halloween .
I had a pretty good day , thank you for all the messages here on the blog and also on Instagram/Facebook it made me really happy.
I always plan my party and this year i was going pink and gold and also thought of an Alice in wonderland themed party but i was afraid the things would not get here on time from the store so i just bought pink things mainly but it turned out really well .
I made a pom pom garland that i love and want to keep probably on the bedroom and i willdo a post about it (quite easy and pretty for decoration).
My best friend spent a few days with us but left just on time for my birthday (i loved her gifts for me) so it was just me and my boyfriend plus family on skype and facebook which was great anyway.

The company i work for gave me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and it was amazing !

Only a prince could give me such a beautiful balloon like this one - a  Disney princess castle .
Loved it so much  and its now occupying my living room because its huge .

Yes i needed a pretty cake .

I hope to be like this forever , love Disney,teddy bears, games and tv series,balloons and all things cute because it is just who i am.
My parents gave me Rapunzel when i was in Portugal on vacation as a birthday gift (also had more from my family but i showed it before on a haul post), my boyfriend gave me the balloon,a postcard,pacman for dreamcast (i own a dreamcast my favourite console ever and now my favourite game as well ), and 2 seasons of Gilmore girls , Merida doll i ordered for me when i bought one for my mom as a Christmas gift(was on sale in the Disney store so i bought it in advance and got one for myself too because they are freaking adorable right ?!),my best friend gave me a teddy bear,a postcard and a wooden heart with a pretty quote about love.

These two bags were a gift to myself, i bought them on primark on sale and im obsessed with them - I LOVE BAGS.

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