Polaroid frame - diy

You will need :

  • Old frame (take the glass and everything that comes with it)
  • Choose a color to paint it (you can buy tester pots from wilkinson for example).
  • Painting brushes and something to keep it clean (newspaper)
  • Pretty clothespins 
  • String to hang the pictures you can easily find it (poundland,99stores etc)
  • Polaroid pictures(i ordered mine from LALALAB )

I could have used newspaper but i had no idea where i put it so kitchen towels was okay too.

I chose mint green not only because i love it but also because i have lots of things in my flat with this color and it looks damn good.

Paint it and let it dry for a while it its not well painted enough for you just do it again until it looks the way you want.

After it dries put the string , choose your polaroids and hang them with pretty clothespins. 

I told you i wanted to do new things for the blog so i decided that one of those things will be diy projects because is something that i do often at home and love it .
Today through pictures i wanna show you the Polaroid frame i did for our bedroom .I hope you enjoyed this diy and you can wait for more .

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