October haul

Good morning to you all,

So October is finishing soon and its almost my birthday which i will do a post about next week .
Today i want to show some of the things that i bought yesterday so im going to do a little haul (maybe not so little).

I love zoella products and i have been wanting it forever and im even more of a fan of Tanya burr(i have her book) but i spent money this time first with this one.

I bought zoella perfume and another one on primark .

Mua looks really good and this are my favourite colors.

Finally i got all the seasons from sex and the city brand new and quite cheap on a dvd/music store here in Bristol.

Look at this bag isn´t it just lovely ? i think im becoming addicted to minnie mouse.

Cozy boots for autumn and winter time.

I fell in love with this mug (pink & gold is the thing).

Minnie mouse once again , i used these to put around the bedroom.

Alice in Wonderland pajama 

I love beautiful books and classics from english literature plus it was super cheap and i had a voucher and i also bought a colouring book from disney (its therapeutic okay don´t judge).

Such pretty lights to hang on my makeup table, so in love with these.

I hope you enjoyed this haul and stay tuned for more blog posts .

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