Holidays i will miss you dearly

We didn´t sleep just to make sure we would be there on time plus we watched tv shows and kept ourselves entertained. We had breakfast in the airport of Bristol and i bought some magazines to read on the plane.
My outfit was quite casual and pretty (swallows blouse,black jeans and black shoes and my warm coat).

   Arriving at the airport and eating at my mother´s house.

Trying to get a tan in the garden and going to the shopping with my parents.

Summer dresses,pretty shoes,nail polish a straw bag and in the evening a concert with my bff and some friends. 

Our days in our parents house.
Being invited almost every single day by my brothers and sisters and his family as well to have lunch and dinner in their house.

 I confess i bought a new pair of shoes and got some gifts as well for us and the house .

Snacks , some things i bought to my bff (visit her facebook page magical bottles), smiling and relaxing in the sun.
God how i missed portuguese food, my titanic shirt(geek mode on) and an old drawing i found on my thing.

and at the end of two wonderful weeks with family and friends,good food,gifts and some shopping, summer days , hugs and kisses and lots of i will miss you we are back in Bristol .

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