A beautiful georgian city

                                              Pulteney bridge simply breathtaking.

Bath Abbey 

                                                            A few postcards as souvenirs .
Informative flyers 

Today´s post is the second part of our weekend, this pictures are from Saturday when we wen to Bath a beautiful Georgian city .
All of these photos were taken with my phone (love the quality of these pictures) but i have way more that i took with my camera so you can expect another post with more of this day .
Bath is a wonderful place so pretty and with lots of stores and things to see and if you are a Jane Austen fan you will love knowing the film locations there and the Jane Austen Centre (i will do a post about it ).Next week im thinking about printing my photos using this new website i told you about (LALALAB) if you like having your memories on paper go there and use the code that i have on the blog on the right side .
I hope you enjoy this post and stay tuned on the blog , instagram and the blog facebook page.

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