Tiger haul plus goodies from the flea market

Today when i left work and was coming home i got the opportunity to put my eye on a few things on the flea market in corn street and im glad i did because i got this beautiful vintage box for 5 pounds and a few magnets , a notebook and little tin for 2.50 so i spent less that 10 pounds for all of these great things.

In the afternoon we went to have a snack in a really nice caffé but before we both went to tiger and of course we brought something for the two of us ( i was surprise he found something that he liked).
I must say that i was thrilled when Tiger opened here  last week because i loved it in Portugal even though i rarely went there because it wasn't near my house but here in Bristol i live 10 minutes from all the stores that i love, no wonder i spent so much money ehhh.

Can´t resist pretty straws and things for the kitchen.

We brought this snacks to try and he bought something for him that i forgot to photograph (geek stuff aahhh).

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