Some days are good

White roses in the Kitchen.

Starting a new scrapbook.

Yoghurt with pecan so good and healthy.

My new fridge magnets

Some more books for my disney collection.

Anyone watches once upon a time here? i totally love it.

A fun and educational day.

Some breakfast are colorful.

Ready to take on my holidays .

My new pajama . I did some winter shopping today.

Pencils with cute quotes

Watching gilmore girls and eating ice cream .

Our new coffee machine ! In love with this corner .

Tiny changes in the bathroom.

Cat necessaire.

New glasses ! Got a great offer at Specsavers and im actually excited to start using them since i need them at least i should feel good with them.
The blue ones seem very vintage to me which i love and the black ones quite modern,

My addiction for notebooks is serious.

tour guide´s life ! i feel like i need to review things all the time.

As soon as i saw this it went straight to the basket i mean unicorn socks right?

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