Hello dear followers,

Thank you so much for the lovely comments believe me i won´t forget to reply , i have been in Portugal on holiday for almost two weeks now and sadly its almost time to go.
I will miss my family and some friends dearly but i also love my little flat and our life in England.
I have been in dinners with family , a concert with friends, having fun and being loved its prety amazing that´s why i haven´t been blogging as much but im sure you follow me on instagram or the blog facebook page .
Im thinking about two things about my blog and i want to know your opinion of course, one if them is making a new design and change the title and starting youtube videos (so insecure about this though).
I also realized on this holiday that people should love you for what you are not because they want you to be in a certain way and sometimes that´s how you find out your real friends and if someone truly loves you either is family , friends or lover .
If we want to change it should be for ourselves and if someone says that something doesn´t look good on you just ignore it because if you feel good just do it .
Im also eager to change a few things at home specially my wardobre (they key is organized and functional)and a few decor items that i already bought.

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