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Hello dear followers,
So i got some new glasses in fact two pairs because there was a great offer on specsavers and i had to choose two different and very cute models.
I can honestly say its the first time that i like to see myself with glasses its different i don´t know how to explain but i feel dork but cute with this kind of glasses and my boyfriend loves it too (he says he has two girlfriends now ahah).
The black ones are bigger and are from converse and my boyfriend helped me chose them and the second pair is blue and it looks more vintage i would say .
Most of you probably don´t know but im partly blind so my left eye only sees colors it looks like pixels basically so i will need to wear glasses all the time and i use it since i was 5 but i admit it that i started to let them at home mostly in 9 grade because kids are so lovely and love to make fun of everything and made me feel very insecure so i would just take them off most of the time , you know bulling right?
 Now i don´t care because i do need them , i feel good and my boyfriend makes me feel gorgeous everyday.

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