Flying around

Hello my dear followers,
Thank you for your lovely comments as always and i promise i will visit your blogs and reply as soon as i can because im currently in Portugal for a 2 week holiday .
I hope next year to visit and explore Paris or Rome i don´t know yet but i will save some money for it but of course i always come to Portugal to visit friends and family.
We got here on wednesday and i was already with my best friend ( we went to a concert ) and shopping with my parents and boyfriend (disney , primark and tiger= love ) even thought i shop a lot back home .
Now is time to visit brothers and sisters and have dinners and going out so i hope to have some great days with everyone, go to the beach, i also have a tattoo scheduled and a few things to do.
I will try to post during the week because im using my mother´s computer (you know that i put my house in my bag so the space kinda limited when i travel).

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