Let´s talk books

I will always love fairytales (we need to believe in something right?)

A classic and that im anxious to read.

I love Tanya Burr Youtube channel i think she´s beautiful , sexy , simple and honest and the book has amazing things like recipes and tips for romantic dates etc.

A special edition(book and dvd) i just love it !

Amazing and beautiful actress !

I also ordered The longest ride (trying to have my favourite ones from Nicholas Sparks).

Even though im crazy about tv shows and movies i also love a good book and between July and August i bought quite a few as you can on this post .
Im anxious to read all of them and to be honest i think the first one will be Grimms Fairytales because i have been watching an amazing show"Once upon a time"and im curious to know better some of my favourite stories.
I know i haven't been posting much because i have been sick and between work and being a housewife, skype with my family, cuddling,studying among other things (always busy) its hard to find time to make a decent post.

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