3 things that i love - Petina in the Kitchen

My favourite dessert and snack in the afternoon - Pancakes with strawberries and nutella.

Pancakes recipe
2 eggs
a cup of milk 
a culp of flour
half a cup of sugar 
just a little bit of butter 
et voil√° .

I really like making soups and this one is delicious .

Soup recipe

olive oil
 a little bit of salt
1;2- carrots 
2 small potatoes
spinach and courgette and let it boil .

This pasta is amazing i tried it this week when i bought shrimps and it was delicious .

First i made the pasta with mushrooms then on a frying pan just with a little bit of olive oil i took the pasta and put all the ingredients together (mushrooms,tuna,shrimps,bacon and on my plate spinach and black olives too), also don´t forget tomato sauce.

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