Still from this weekend

I had an iphone 4 before i bought this one (actually im still with it and i won´t giving it to anyone yet) but it was driving me crazy it was too slow and the camera was always getting stuck so my boyfriend told me to go to the carphone warehouse to see prices and we ended up bring an huawei p8 .
I thought of getting a samsung galaxy s5 but not only my boyfriend understands a lot about these things but also the guy that helped us so we conclude this was even better than the samsung so i brought this one and i couldn't be more satisfied ! Love this phone so much . My bf loves apple and even him thinks this is a really great phone i guess that´s why they are pricey .

I can´t resist cute mugs specially with quotes .

 I can't say im a person that loves hats but i have two and i kinda like them a lot so i thought to give this pretty flowered one a chance . I Think i will use it mainly to the beach or when im more with a sports look.

Too adorable don´t you think?

New bath sponge (ice cream ).

This candle holder was the last purchase i did this weekend and i think its so freaking cute !

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