First week of july through my phone

Shaun is finally in Bristol and im so happy i got to see a few already !

My boyfriend does the best surprises ! he brought me this week an happy meal and i got Bob (my favourite) and minions cupcakes .

This week while i was working they were offering coffee (i love this cold coffee) and they even took us a picture.

I started a scrapbook and its looking so pretty ! love making these.
And yes i have to draw a unicorn on our scrapbook.
My disney collection is getting big.
Strawberries with cream 
My makeup table looking all cute and organized just the way i like it.
My beautiful new mirror.

Flowers, sun and smiles.

New sandals(crazy about the colors)

My new duvet cover , so so cute.

I love cute and funny signs all over the flat.

Another cute shaun the Sheep.

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