What do i use on a daily basis?

Usually i don't use many creams but i decided to buy a few and treat myself better,i bought a night cream (Nivea) that i haven´t tried yet and a facial moisturizer on a local store here in Bristol and it seems good until now,i also use makeup remover towels not only to refresh my skin but also because we should never keep our makeup when we go to sleep( i rarely use makeup).
I also bought Vaseline because it says that helps with scars on your skin like those ones we hate because we gain few pounds then we lost and so on (makes them brighter apparently).
For acne ( i don´t have problems with that gladly but once in a while one or two pimples decide to show up) i use a Clearasil lipstick and its a great product believe .
To brush my teeth i use Colgate anti tartar , shampoo usually is garnier or tresemm√© , shower gel Palmolive or other brands, veet for shaving  and besides that only nivea for general things.

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