What about food?

Chicken,salmon,cucumber,spinach,tomato salad !
Strawberry,banana,clementine and apple juice.

Bolognese with fresh mozarella

I already like soup these recent years ( i hated it when i was younger) but when my parents were here this week i learned how to make different soups and i love it so expect to see simple and yummy recipes on the blog.

I started going to the gym in January but because of work sometimes we feel so tired that we just want to come home and be with each other but it doesn't  mean we are giving up of anything in fact we want to go more frequently every week and i must i really feel good after a gym session(im keen to try new things too ).
I always enjoyed soups , salads , fruit , chicken, almost all kinds of fish and all those healthy things that parents tell us to eat but i also love sweets,Italian food,french fries and once in a while baking a cake so i have been trying to cut a bit on those because not only gets us fat but it´s not the healthiest habits but its still work in progress.
What do you like to eat most? 

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