Wednesday already?

1. A pretty candle box.
2.A frog with a crown (so lovely and makes me remember the princess and the frog which i love).
3.Studying every time i need to do guiding plus a blueberry muffin and blueberry yoghurt.

1/2 - Even though im not in Portugal i still enjoy celebrating certain party days so for St.John i made grilled pork chops (didn´t find sardines unfortunately) plus colorful peppers , chips and salad of course.

1.Little mermaid drawing on a pretty frame (i found the image on weheartit i think and printed it ).
2. I ordered a photobook with lovely pictures of me and my boyfriend and it looks adorable (im getting good making photobooks online especially because my computer is always getting stuck ).
3. I got Olaf (ordered it from ebay) on the mail today plus the photobook shown on the previous picture.

1. A teddy bear store with toothless from the movie"How to train your dragon" (love it so much).
2. Sending pretty things by mail for my mom and sister birthday .
3. Cute boxes to put flowers and also other things (still thinking what to put inside they are adorable).

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