First days of June

June started here in Bristol with strong winds and lots of rain but it doesn´t mean it has to be bad so i decided to go out just for half an hour and go meet my boyfriend after work.
In the evening we got our groceries delivered by asda ,i love to buy flowers and these look so beautiful so i was thrilled they chose red roses (usually they send random colors ).
I also bought drawing and writing material so i can start making illustrations( im thinking of buying a graphic tablet ) and also to make notes for my job as a tour guide(always learning i guess).
Yeah i know primark again? yes i went there and bought a disney shirt(i just loved it don´t care if people think is childish or not and it was on ladies part so embrace your disney geekness and buy things on the cartoon/disney section of primark) and the cutest pláque to put on my makeup area. 
I also got mail (a necklace from ebay and funko pop vynil - my first one) and that always makes me excited for the all day.

Stay tuned on the blog !

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