The best week yet

I ordered this lovely sheep (Shirley from Shaun the sheep cartoon) from ebay and i love it plus looks good on my sofa .

Yummy desserts !

A gift to my parents 


Pasta bolognese

                                      New and beautiful pajamas that i bought on primark on sale!

Watching disney movies with my parents(kenai and koda, the lion king 3 and Beauty and the beast)

Going to see Clifton suspension bridge and having many rides on the open bus tour to see the city 

And lots of shopping as well

Today is friday and my parents left really early back to Portugal and i miss them already , this week was fantastic,we saw so much ,we talked ,we watched Disney movies,we shopped a lot , we went on the bus tour and on the ferry boats , we visited museums , the beautiful bridge , we brought takeway food from mcdonald´s and above all we had fun . I hope to see them soon like the rest of my family that i miss frequently .

Tonight i will make a post showing gifts they brought me and things they gave me here .

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