Haul - Say goodbye to May

Oh flowers ,how much i love them

For halloween and for fun i guess.

Kitchen sign(love pastel colours)

Another disney shirt so i can have my disney marathons at home properly dress .

A beautiful and sexy bra.

Im in love with this pajama (using it already)

Yellow blouse(need summer)

Pajamas (never enough)

Stationary organizer and two lovely white frames .

My new organizer with heart drawers (in love with is)

My favourite movie !

This red headband i ordered from ebay specially for my job because of the color and because it looks cute (im only 22 and i like to look cute okay).

More to my small collection.

Im too addicted to frames and signs (my boyfriend says that eventually i won´t have space on the wall to hang stuff - im glad my landlord doesn´t mind us hanging things).

I hope you like this haul , the photos were taken with my iphone because when i got home i had no battery on my camera and i wanted to post this on instagram so it had to be like this but i think you can see well all the things i got . This month i bought lots of stuff and i got gifts from my parents that i will show as well on another post.
In June i hope to bring lots of outfit posts, good news, hauls and maybe something new to the blog like movie of the week or something like that.
Stay tuned lovelies (thank you for all the comments you are the best followers in the world and i will reply to you as soon as i can ).

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