Be yourself and always do your best

Hello everyone,
First of all thank you so much for being so kind and lovely as always im sure i have the best followers in the world .
I know that we all have bad days but sometimes i feel sad and big anxiety takes over me , my job is what i always wanted - to be a tour guide but its hard sometimes specially if you are like me and i say this because im living in Bristol for less than a year with my prince,i had to go through a training course an exam and pratical training and i got it but now that its really starting i feel like there´s always flaws that people love to point out.
Im not afraid of public speaking and i think im nice all the time and i love to talk to people and get to know a little bit about the costumers that usually are from other parts of the world , i know what i need to say and i study new things to incorporate on the tour everytime i do it and i think everyone is great and i dont like to point what people do wrong or who is the best because i think everyone is unique and gives something different to the tourists but not everyone worries about what someone might think or if their feelings get hurt i know that im sensitive and negative and i do get lots of good compliments but if i get one bad i will only think about it .
I had to change this and be more positive because i reached so much and i feel so happy in general(sometimes we have bad days in our jobs,home etc etc ) so i will try .

Ps: Tomorrow i will be home so i will visit your pretty blogs that i love and comment plus watch Grey´s anatomy hell yeah i love fridays.

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