20 facts about me

1. I love everything cute and Disney related.

2. I shop way to much but i don´t like to buy expensive stuff only if i really like it or need it.

3. I love movies and books and i have been trying to make a collection with my favourites ones.

4. My new addiction is the funko pop vynil figures and i ordered one and got another as a gift from my boyfriend (still waiting for it and im so excited to show you).

5. I love decor and i can spend hours on pinterest or weheartit.

6. I love postcards and lately i have personalized them on a cute website.

7. I hate when people try to put you down and it seems like everyone is better than you.

8. I'm a really negative person but when someone has problems i always see the good things happening for them :)

9. I love to live in England but i miss my parents and family dearly .

10. I always put to much pressure in everything.

11. Primark and card factory are my biggest addictions.

12. I don´t drink or smoke.

13. I have 3 tattoos all of them with a special meaning.

14. I love dresses and skirts.

15. I love to go out and do something fun and different .
16. I love muffins .

17. I love flowers.

18. I have lots of notebooks and stationary .

19.All i want is to love and be loved by him (Be happy always&forever)

20. I try to love myself and be more confident.

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