Spring is coming and new things too

 French fries with meatballs and for dessert apple pie .

I loved this corner , i have this makeup table and i need a chair like that too.

               A simple but cute outfit that wasn´t that perfect when started to rain all of a sudden.

The first day of March was spent on ikea , we went there to pick a few things for the new studio we are moving in the next few weeks. We had lunch there and let me say that swedish food is amazing,we bought lovely stuff and checked some furniture .
The afternoon finished with me buying this lovely dress from h&m and making a yummy dinner (mushroom soup,rice with vegetables and chicken fillet,halloumi cheese and fresh mozzarella with tomato .
If you want a haul in pictures or video about our ikea buyings let me know so i can make it as soon as i move.

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