Home sweet home

I moved in into a new flat (just across the garden from the 1st we rented when we came to Bristol qne also the same landlord ) yesterday in the afternoon and my legs and feet hurt so much that you can´t even imagine .I still have lots of cleaning and organizing to do but its already looking good and i can post a few pictures so you can give a look, im still waiting to get our sofas in order to "build"our little living room(its a studio but even though its small (bedroom/living room) we love it and its a perfect start and hopefully in a few years we can buy our own house).

     From the kitchen window i can actually see the sunrise and i have a lovely squirell as a neighbour .
I fell in love with this bouquet of flowers probably from mothers day don´t really know but it was like one pound something which is amazing and they are simply lovely plus it has a pretty bear and you know i love teddy bears .

The landlord did an amazing job on the flat im totally in love with the kitchen and the bathroom is so pretty just love it .

I didn´t took much pictures but tomorrow or in the weekend expect posts about new things that i bought and also about this little corner .
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