You got mail

I decided to turn this pretty random shoe box from my boyfriend sneakers and with wrapping paper i turned it into something to put my mail and the letters i get from my family , what do you think ?
It´s quite simple, useful and cute.

                                      In love with these lovely things that she sent me !

I absolutely adore to send postcards and lovely things to my friends and family and as you can imagine i also love to get mail so i was pretty happy and excited when i got this friday morning from my best friend from Portugal.
Last week my parents also sent me lovely things that i asked that i coulnd bring with me the last time i went to visit them on a week vacations(my luggage was already so full unfortunately, i will take years to bring everything i have on my room plus house stuff that i bought last year thinking about moving in some day) and also gifts (spoiled by the ones i love ).

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