Ten valentine´s days suggestions

I hope that you have been loving these posts about valentine´s day , if you follow me on instagram you already know that i got the loveliest surprise yesterday but since valentine´s day its only tomorrow i will make a post with my gifts and day for you then .
Today i will leave a few suggestions to do tomorrow and i must confess im still doing my valentine´s day card .

1. Stay home and watch a movie together with popcorn , blankets and cuddles or if you are with a friend maybe a movie , karaoke,snacks and pajamas.

I suggest Pretty women , the notebook and all the movies based on Nicholas sparks books , a nice romantic comedy like What happened in Vegas, Life as we know it , Sex and the city ,Sex tape , The best of me and son on.

2. If you prefer to go out there are several things that you can do for instances go to the movies go to the zoo , have dinner on a fancy restaurant , maybe sushi or a yummy pizza with french fries or galic bread . 

3. Make a nice postcard and try to make it personal , there´s nothing better that something done with love and care.

4. Cook a nice dinner , think about your favourite dishes and hands to work then light a few candles and voilá !

Don´t forget to buy the strawberries , make pancakes and grab the nutella jar .

5 . Play a board game or something that will entertain you guys and make you laugh , enjoy the moments .

6. Have a nice bubble bath with your love or alone with those amazing bubbles and bath bombs that smell like heaven .

7. A tv show marathon always sounds good , for instances i did that with my boyfriend over christmas, F.r.i.e.n.d.s was the best but you can choose one that you both like (we also watch together the vampire diaries , the originals, sabrina the teenage witch , csi , scorpion ...) !

8. Go for a walk , take pictures (silly ones and lovely ones) , laugh , have fun and tell him/her how deep is your love. 

9.Decorate your house with small but cute things like rose petals, hearts, candies , candles and with nice music you have the perfect environment for a romantic day /night.

10. Don´t forget to love yourself and the person next to you even if  it is not a boyfriend it is important to tell the people we care so much why we love them . 

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