Valentine´s day suggestions

Valentine´s day is one of those days that i wait patiently to come after new years eve.
Even when i didn´t have a boyfriend i loved it because it is such a lovely day and it has a history of course that we should at least remember , i love to see the flowers, the poems, the heart chocolates among other things that we use to express our love to our better half,a friend or family.
We should tell the ones we love why they are so important to us and i try to do that often with phonecalls ,postcards,gifts and skype with my family, notes in the morning,postcards,cute diy for my boyfriend and by having conversations with my friends and sending them cute stuff.

Im leaving a few suggestions of my own although i havent started my diy projets for this passionate day but as soon as i do i will leave it here .

 I love decor so this is one option for valentine´s day if you want it to have a romantic athmospher .

Grab your phone , camera or your mini instax and capture the moment and have fun !

Who doesn´t love flowers ?
Pretty quotes to hang around the house .

                                                                    a sweet treat .
                                                  a pretty romantic canvas.

 Such a sweet gift don´t you think ?

                                                                Or maybe a teddy bear ?

As you can see i bought a few things, others he gave me as a gift although we haven´t bought each other valentine´s day gifts yet i already have something in mind to give him .
I hope you liked this post and i will be back with more personal valentine´s day decor, gifts and diy´s.

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