The old ones are better

Today i decided to tell you about one of my favourite things to do which is watching tv shows, the last one that i watched with my boyfriend touched my heart and im a fan for life and of course you all must know F.r.i.e.n.d.s but its not the one im going to mention on this post.
I watch several tv shows and i will make posts about it once in a while , lately i have been into old tv shows and i love watching the funny ones with my boyfriend so currently we are watching Sabrina the teenage witch that we both liked when we were younger and Joey (spin off of Friends).

Sabrina the teenage witch it´s funny and cute and great to watch while we have lunch/dinner , i recommend it not only because i think its great but also because it makes us nostalgic in a certain way right ?!And who doesn´t like a talking cat that as human wanted to conquer the world ? Salem for the win.

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